Founded in 2018, High Maintenance Trim Co. aims to:

  • Provide professional cannabis processing services to local businesses in an effort to streamline their production
  • Develop and uphold industry standards for trimming, post harvest production & 3rd party labor, including data metrics and quality control criteria
  • Preserve trichomes and handle with care to showcase cultivators
  • Implement professional  development and training models for processors
  • Equip the community with  EOE/fair wage jobs from entry level to management
  • Respect historical trimming culture and recognize the legacy operators that established our amazing industry
  • Honor traditional plant medicine and our ancestral heritage

Mission Statement

“Honoring the plant through forward-thinking and socially responsible post-harvest practices”

Arabella McCreary, Founder & CEO

Prior to jumping into the cannabis industry, Arabella spent 15 years as an infrastructure Project Manager with J.P. Morgan Chase. Specializing in Information systems projects, this gave her the necessary skills and experience to thrive in the evolving and constantly changing California regulated cannabis industry. After owning and operating other non-cannabis retail shops, Ms. McCreary opened High Maintenance Trim Co to specialize in hand trim services. After adapting services to the many changing needs of her clients, she has become a “one stop shop” offering cultivation assistance, business development, and industry training. As President and CEO of High Maintenance Trim Co, Ms. Mcreary has a strong commitment to social equity and helping the underserved communities. A mother of 2 and stepmother of 3, she is originally from Oakland, California and knows first-hand how the war on drugs impacted the community as well as the industry over the years. Arabella also does consulting for clients with expansion plans, or initial setup & training of staff and post harvest processing rooms. She attends local city council meetings in Stanislaus county to be a voice for regulations and intends to remain helping to pave the way for other entrepreneurs that want to join the industry. She most recently consulted a client in Canada and although the regulations may not be identical, she is able to share best practices and operating procedures to help make operators successful.

“The plant is the plant no matter where in the world it’s blossoming!!”