Marijuana 101: Your Official Guide to Scoring Cannabis Internships

When you’re trying to get into the cannabis industry, you’re joining a field that is vast and on the rise. This field is growing like wildfire, and there are new and different opportunities popping up all over. 

As with any industry, getting an internship is an excellent way to move forward in the cannabis field. Read on to learn more about obtaining cannabis internships and leveraging them for your career. 

Learn as Much About Cannabis as You Can

Making yourself an asset to the industry is the best way to advance within it. This starts with education. 

Cannabis is one of the most intriguing plants in the world because it has so many therapeutic and medical benefits. These plants contain several different terpenes, trichomes, and other compounds that work with your brain and body. 

Study up on the basic and advanced concepts of how cannabis interacts with your endocannabinoid system. Every strain and type of cannabis have different effects, so learn as much as you can about indicas, sativas, and hybrids. 

Strains like Blue Dream and Gelato are popular options that people enjoy. You can also consider the differences between flower, edibles, tinctures, and vapes. 

Knowledge is the first step whether you decide to learn to grow cannabis, make recommendations as a budtender or cannabis marketing. 

Get to Know the Job Market and Various Career Paths

When you research the cannabis field, you’ll quickly learn that there is no shortage of opportunity. Get to know the different facets of the industry to figure out which speak to you the most. 

For instance, the cannabidiol (CBD) industry is here to stay. If you’re someone who has been able to use CBD to heal your physical pain or anxiety, you might have a passion for selling and promoting CBD. 

Other people might simply love cannabis in all of its forms, to the point that they have more of a recreational or even spiritual bond with the plant. 

Once you know why you want to work in cannabis you can begin exploring the many different job types. Just a few examples of jobs you can take include cannabis app developer, grower, budtender, cultivator, edible maker, or someone who specializes in cannabis accessories and utensils. 

When you know what you enjoy it’s easier to find the right positions. This will point you toward the ideal internship opportunities. 

Attend Cannabis Events and Make Yourself Known

You’ll be more likely to nab internships when you start showing your face at cannabis events. As with any industry, you’ll start seeing the same people at several different events all over. 

Take the time to stop by booths and panels and say hello to people. The more that you build a rapport with movers and shakers, the easier it’ll be for you to land an internship opportunity. 

Many internships are created on an as-needed basis and aren’t promoted, so doing your best networking will always keep you in the loop. 

Build a Strong Resume and Portfolio

Make certain that you figure out what makes you unique. You’ll stand out whenever you put together a resume and portfolio that grabs companies’ attention. 

There are several cannabis job portals you can look into to find some leads. They’ll allow you to post your resume and credentials so you can explain why you’re the best cannabis internship candidate. 

Work with a resume doctor that can help you get to the meat of your resume so that you cut out the fluff and make it stronger. Tailor the language of the resume to hirers in the cannabis field. 

A strong resume can get you in the door even if you don’t have any experience in the field. However, you’re more likely to get the internship when you show that you are already on track to earning an internship. 

Consider volunteering at some cannabis events so that you can build a resume even if you’ve never worked in the field. 

Stay Up to Date With Where the Industry Is Headed

It pays to stay up to date on the field if you want to work in the cannabis industry. Big news breaks in the cannabis field on a regular basis. 

Subscribe to content that keeps you in the loop. You can speak with some levity and awareness in an interview or meeting when you’re aware of the happenings in the industry. 

Research the company that you’re seeking the internship through as well to make sure it’s the right fit. 

Find Internships You Can Leverage Into a Full-Time Job

An internship is an excellent opportunity for you to build a long-term career in cannabis. Ask upfront about the likelihood of turning it into a future opportunity. 

When you show up inspired and engaged, you stand a greater chance of leveraging the internship. Focus on how you can make the company better and not just what the internship can do for your career. 

Find the Best Cannabis Internships Available

These points will help you find cannabis internships that will serve you. No matter what, an internship is always a potential foot in the door. 

This is valuable if you have dreams of getting into the cannabis business. It’s an exciting field that is growing every day, so take the time to do your research and start finding some leads. 

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Check back with us to learn more about cannabis jobs and the career field as a whole. 

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