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Customized trim teams and cannabis staff for your operation.

Get vetted, reliable, and efficient employees that take your company to the next level. Professional cannabis crews, packaging staff, QC management, and hand trim teams – we can provide all of the cannabis labor you need.

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Streamline Your Processing and Production

We make it easy to get fully trained and professional cannabis staff when you need them. We are flexible and ready to work, from temporary assistance to long term solutions.

Save Time

We handle hiring, scheduling, and human resources so you can focus on other things.

Save Money

Reduce turnover and overhead. Get pre-trained staff who arrive with the tools ready to get to work.

Grow Better

Spend less time managing people. Receive multiple data points and QA analysis with each harvest.

Services Our Team Provides

  • 100% Hand Trim: we work with you to learn your specific preferences – our trim is tailored to your needs. We also offer hand touch up after machine trim.
  • Cultivation Assistance: pruning and deleafing, harvest cut & hang, room reset and clean
  • Bucking & Sorting : we get you ready to go with harvest prep and top-notch organization
  • Packaging, Labeling, Weighing material: we pay attention to the small details

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Companies we’ve helped staff

If you are looking for some awesome people that do a good job and always exceed your expectations,
High Maintenance is the team. So organized and always finish ahead of schedule.

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Why should I work with High Maintenance?

We have over 15 years experience in the cannabis industry. We trim to your needs. Our HR handles all scheduling, hiring, payroll, payroll taxes, and workers compensation so you don’t have to. You aren’t stuck with the overhead of keeping extra people on payroll when you don’t need them. There is always a Field Manager on duty to contact and we provide superior customer service because we love what we do.

Who supervises the staff?

A Field Manager is always on duty to assist staff and handle any questions or concerns. An on-site supervisor works with the staff to monitor work and ensure adherence to all policies and applicable regulations.

When should I schedule for trimmers?

In order to guarantee a full team is available immediately after drying we recommend booking 30 days in advance.

How can I be sure people will show up?

Gone are the days of dealing with lackadaisical trimmers. When you work with High Maintenance, a deposit locks in your date, with the requested number of staff, and we give you an estimated finish date. Some times you end up with a lot more product than expected (great problem) and we stay until the job is done!

What if I have my own trimmers?

Many cannabis businesses have their own in-house employees and trimmers but not enough to quickly get it all harvested, bucked, and trimmed. We work side by side with your current staff to get the job done.

What areas does High Maintenance Trim Co. service?

High Maintenance Trim Co. was founded in the San Francisco Bay Area but we work with cannabis businesses across Northern California, Central California, and Southern California.