Secure a Job in the Cannabis Industry

As 2021 begins with no promising end of the COVID-19 pandemic, securing a job is more important than ever. Working in the cannabis industry can be a solid career choice for someone looking for increased job security. Many positions are opening up as marijuana legalization increases and companies grow. 

According to U.S News, Cannabis is one of the top five industries hiring right now as we move into 2021. This is because of the varied job positions available in cultivation, processing, retail, delivery, executive, and HR/admin. Also because cannabis has been deemed an essential business.

Since the industry is so competitive, how can you stand out when applying for a job? There are a few important things to keep in mind.


1. Be Professional, But Don’t Leave out Traditional Experience

Professionalism is sometimes overlooked in the cannabis industry because of our traditional roots and methods prior to legalization. However it is very crucial for job seekers to act professional because businesses are looking to progress into new realms of the economy. Their employees are the face of their business, so presenting yourself appropriately is necessary.

This means dressing in formal interview clothes, even if it is a Zoom call, and presenting a properly written and formatted resume. No matter what position you apply for you should speak clearly and present yourself as passionate about cannabis.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t reveal relevant experience to your potential employer. Anything that showcases skills, even if it isn’t the most professional, can help your application standing out. Home growing, trimming for friends, and personal research are all learned skills that you should mention.

2. Know What Your Role Requires

Each role in the industry provides a different but essential component. Knowing exactly what your job position requires can help you stand out in the interview process.

Doing online research is the first step. Thoroughly read job descriptions on hiring websites, and do a quick Google search of any topics you aren’t very familiar with. Reddit and Quora can be a great resource for finding detailed answers about working in the industry.

If you decide to apply for a company, check out their website, social media, Yelp reviews, and Indeed rankings to get to know their vibe and business model. Come up with a couple of questions you want to ask them regarding the job position you’re applying for. Asking in depth questions about your role during an interview can show you take the position seriously. Examples could be: where the future of the company lies, or what qualities they find important in an employee.

Another key way to get reliable information about what to expect is by talking to people currently working in your desired position. Go to a dispensary during down times and talk to the employees. Ask positive things such as what is the best part of your job, or how was the transition from your previous career into cannabis?

Contacting someone in cultivation or processing may be harder to do, but an option is using Youtube to search for interviews or podcasts to get a personal viewpoint. Instagram and social media can be a useful tool to get a better look. It doesn’t hurt to contact these companies via DM – letting them know you submitted a resume or asking specific questions can get you on their radar.

3. Have Realistic Expectations

Starting a cannabis career can be frustrating at times due to the nature of the industry. Having too high of expectations, both in salary and job title, can instantly remove you from the pool of candidates. Since there are so many hopeful applicants, businesses want to work with people who are really passionate about marijuana and not just here for the money or resume boost.

A lot of companies are start ups, dealing with a fluctuating market, or subject to the large potential for error that comes with an agricultural industry. This means salaries and starting wages may not always be on the high end because companies are focused on growth. If you want to work with weed you must be committed for the long run.

Being aware of these factors when applying for a job will show your potential employer that you are educated and have long term goals. Asking for a reasonable wage will ensure your application has a competitive edge. Search comparative job salaries on Glassdoor before you apply so you know what to expect. Showing interest in advancement opportunities in your cover letter or interview can boost your opportunity.

4. Knowing and Acknowledging COVID Protocol

Cannabis workers are essential workers, and it’s important to know what is expected of you as an employee at an essential business. Following all state and local guidelines, using proper sanitation techniques, wearing PPE whenever needed, and handling products correctly are all necessary job duties.

Noting in your cover letter or mentioning in an interview that you are aware of all precautions you need to take while on the clock can show that you take health and safety seriously. Ask your potential employer what their protocol is to learn more and be prepared.


Following these guidelines can help you in your journey for applying for cannabis job. Make sure to present yourself professionally and include all of your relevant skills to obtain a secure position. Hiring is never the easiest task, especially during this pandemic, so being a prepared candidate makes a difference.


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